Friday, 5 October 2007

Some views around Seoul

Ok, to make up for my lack of blogging over the last week I've done two posts in two hours! Here's a picture of Jin's family -- father, mother, and older and younger sisters.
The view from the window of their 4th floor apartment (to which we had to transport 100kg of luggage without a lift)
The main street in Seoul, Chongro. The city is much prettier by night as all the signs make it lit up like London at Christmas.
A misleadingly peaceful picture of a park in the centre of Seoul, near Insadong market. Just off the left of the picture is the most appalling place I have yet found in Seoul -- a narrow street full of stalls selling all imaginable parts of the pig. In the warm air the stench is unimaginable. I made the mistake of trying to traverse it without breathing, but ran out of air right next to the pig-face stall and had to take a deep breath :-0~{
A picture of 네 예쁜 여자칭구 by a traditional rice milling water wheel at the museum of agriculture
That's all for now folks! I'll add so more when I've got a moment :D


Pie said...

Nice set of pictures!

I would love to walk down that street!

Adam said...

How's the Tea in Korea, Markmas?