Thursday, 23 August 2007

My first post

So here is my long-promised and short-planned blog. Now that I've started I've realised I didn't plan at all what I was going to say. The blog gives no indication of the pauses for thought I make between sentences. My life slips through my fingers as I try vainly to record it in this text...

It would all have started a day earlier were I not recovering from the shock of packing up and moving out of Claycroft on Tuesday. The day began well with a relaxed breakfast in the half-empty flat around 9am. The day before I had confidently told my parents that all would be done by 3pm, and that we would be back with them in time for dinner. We eventually pulled out of the university campus at 10:30 that evening. Jin had earlier vetoed my suggestion of getting away quickly by indiscriminately throwing everything away, but instead she arranged for us to deliver a car load of kitchen utensils, food and miscellanea to the newly arrived students at Westwood. They accepted our 'gift' with such joy that I can grudgingly accept that her way was the better. In the latter stages of the day our sanity was kept intact with the help of Hema's "could it get any better" CD mix (a fitting title...), but at half past eight the stereo was loaded into the car and even that small mercy was taken from us. The last two hours were spent cleaning the flat and were conducted in a half-awake state of tired misery, which I have no desire to review further in my mind.

Well, two days later and maybe things weren't quite as bad as I made out. I am writing this post on the shiny new laptop I bought yesterday, and today I went to see the dentist, so at least I should make it to Korea with a blogging capability and a good set of teeth.

Days to go: 35