Thursday, 27 September 2007

At Heathrow Airport

According to the flight schedule I have less than 2 hours left in the UK, and only 20 minutes until boarding the flight (which may explain the quality of this post). I feel strangely normal... whereas before I have been excited and energised and scared and stressed, now in the moment of travel I seem too close to appreciate its magnitude. In fact, perhaps it is a better explanation to say that its apparent significance was previously magnified by my occupation with the plans and preparation; now I have nothing to do but wait and blog.

The last week has been pretty busy. This time last week I had just started helping Jin with a final proof-read of her thesis, before driving down to Warwick on Friday to have it printed and bound. We spent the evening and the following morning at the Forest Hermitage, which was a pleasant farewell to a place which has been a big influence on both our lives over the recent years. I was able to reminisce about my time there when I was unexpectedly sent out in the morning on an errand to get some sharp sand. After a moving final goodbye we set off again to the University. The rest of the weekend was spent in the hospitality of some of the many friends we have made there over the years. All was wrapped up by Monday afternoon and it was back to my parents to pack. Goodbye Warwick!

The packing was surprisingly easy given my dislike of packing (see previous post). My critical side tells me this might be because I let Jin do most of it and busied myself with other things. My more supportive side tells me that this probably made things easier for her as well so I needn't feel guilty. The drive down to London this morning made more interesting by a exciting police car chase down the M1 which momentarily transported me into the world of James Bond (I was quickly transported back by a police car who won't let the rest of us follow, spoil-sport). We had a nice afternoon getting reacquainted with Hema and her delicious cooking, where I dropped of my car into her possession. She assures me that once a few evil spirits have been dispelled it will be safe for her to use, and I'm sure she is right.

A taxi ride later brings us to the present moment, from where I started this post. How poetic :).

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